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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Automatic Request Dataset generation in OIM11G

OIM11G has the concept of datasets instead of object forms and these datasets are xml files which as I understand the document (or did till now)  has to be created manually. This xml file again have specific place holders for the resource name and the type of model to be used for the dataset and etc. Since this is created manually thus there are chances of typos/missing of tags etc which we can find only while uploading the data set into MDS (again are not very user friendly messages).
Thus a tool would be a great way to generate a dataset based on the process form and the provisioning process automatically. The xml file thus generated can be modified accordingly manually later on for any special requirements.
Thinking along the same lines I was trying to come up with a design of such a tool and hit upon this class  ‘oracle.iam.requestDataSetGeneration.impl.RequestDataSetGenrationUtil’ (inside OIMServer.jar). This class can be used as a standalone class to generate the dataset automatically for all the 6 request models for any resource, the only requirement is that the resource form and the provisioning process should be set in OIM or without any input it will create dataset for all the resources!
I tested the tool for few of the resources configured in my environment and all the datasets were created correctly with various widgets like lookup, text, date and etc.

This class is present in OIM11.1.1.3 and has been removed from OIM11.1.1.5, so make sure to get the OIMServer.jar from to use this utility.

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