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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

OIM11G Cluster Configuration

While doing clustered installation of OIM and SOA there is no way to define which component (SOA, OIM) is installed on the defined managed server at the time of installation. The document syas that when you first enter the configure managed servers screen, two managed servers called oim_server1 and soa_server1 are created automatically. Rename soa_server1 to WLS_SOA1 and oim_server1 to WLS_OIM1 and update their attributes as required for host/port and  then, add two new managed servers called WLS_OIM2 and WLS_SOA2 .Thus if four servers (Two OIM and two SOA) are defined in the domain then there is not way to know which servers are going to target the OIM application(s) and it's librarie(s) and which server is going to have the SOA application(s) and librarie(s). It surely does not work based on name like if server name contains OIM then that server is going to target OIM binaries and what happens if I want my servers to be named as instance1, instance2, instance3 and so on ....

The above problem can be solved by adding the servers in the domain creation wizard in a specified order or sequence. In the configure managed servers screen, the first server and each odd server entered is always the OIM server and the second server and each even server is the SOA server.

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